International Conference and General Assembly



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1. All prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT and other taxes, unless explicitly stated.

2. Organizations and companies whose business objective is to promote products and services associated wih compulsory inspection of in-service vehicles on a commercial basis and who are not CITA Corporate Members, are entitled to participate in the CITA Conference once only; any further participation will require CITA membership.

3. Written information about your products, services or company can only be distributed according to the conditions specified in the Conference Sponsorship program.

4. Non-authorized distribution may lead to participants from the offending organization being excluded from further participation in conference events and to the payment of a CITA Corporate Membership fee.

5. The Conference registration fee includes attendance to plenary sessions, attendance to workshops, parallel sessions and discussion forums, technical visit, coffee breaks, lunches, cocktail and gala dinner. Accompanying persons are required to pay for the gala dinner. Reducedearly registration fees can be applied depending on the date of application.

6.  The dress code for the cocktail and gala dinner is business suits for gentlemen and smart evening wear for ladies.

7. CITA cannot guarantee any preferences in respect of food but will endeavour to have different food options.

8.  Any cancellation of any registration should be communicated in writing to the Conference Secretariat by e-mail and will be subject to the following conditions:

– Cancellations received on or before 11.01.2019 will be eligible for an 80% refund.

– Cancellations after 11.01.2019 but before 22.02.2019 will be eligible for a 50% refund.

– Cancellations after 22.02.2019 will not receive a refund.

– A no-show will not be eligible for a refund.

9. Accommodation: Fees do not include hotel accommodation and participants are solely responsible for making their own reservations. CITA has listed some suggestions on the website, but is not responsible for any reservations.

10. Payment must be completed prior to the Conference or on receipt of an invoice.

11. Bank transfers: Bank fees are the sole responsibility of the registrant and should be paid in addition to the registration fees. The banktransfer must clearly state the name of the conference, the name of the participant, and the invoice reference number. If payment ismade for more than one person or by a company, please make sure all names are clearly indicated.

12. Name changes: Registered participants who are unable to attend the conference may nominate a substitute participant at no additional cost, by notifying the Secretariat in writing. However, we cannot change the invoice or make any other changes.

13. The language of the conference is English. It will be simultaneous translation into Korean, German, French and Spanish during the plenary sessions.

14. The number of participants to workshops, discussion forums and panels is limited and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

15. The Post Forum Tour and Partner Programme will be in English. All participants must adhere to the conditions and locally provided instructions as stipulated by the organisers. See further information on the CITA website. Post Forum Tour and Partner Programme are not organised for each conference. You must check final details in the program and registration information.

16. Disclaimer: CITA or the host cannot be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to any person or property, whatever the cause may be. Should, for any reason of force majeure or outside the organisers’ control (acts of terrorism, extreme weather conditions or industrial action) the venue or speakers change, or the event be cancelled, the organisers will not be held responsible for any costs, damages or expenses incurred by registrants.

Registration Fees

Early Registration

EXPIRED on 31.12.2018

Normal Registration

from 1.1.2019

Member 1 day

€ 465,00

Member all days

€ 690,00

Non Member 1 day

€ 700,00

Non Member all days

€ 920,00

Non Member equipment

or service supplier

€ 2500,00

Gala dinner

€ 100,00

Partners programme day 1

€ 90,00

Partners programme day 2

€ 90,00

Post forum tour

€ 90,00


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 Vehicle inspections operator Vehicle inspections equipment manufacturer Service provider inspections Research institute Other activity, please specify:

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 Responsible for vehicle inspections Other, please specify:

Preparing for vehicle inspection activities:

 Accredited Not-yet accredited

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FEES: All amounts are exclusive of applicable taxes.

Entire Conference

 CITA members - both days (690,00€) CITA members - one day (465,00€) Non member - both days (920,00€) Non members - one day (700,00€) Non-member, Equipment manufacturer or service suppliers (2500,00€)

If you participate for only one day, please specify:

 3rd April 2019 4rd April 2019

Welcome Evening / Cocktail – 2nd April 2019

 I will attend I will not attend

Name of the person participating with you at the Cocktail:

Please note: the person accompanying you at the cocktail is not entitled to participate at the rest of the conference

Gala Dinner – 3rd April 2019

 I will attend I will not attend

Name of the person participating with you at the Gala Dinner (fee: 100€ per additional person):

Please note: the person accompanying you at the Gala Dinner is not entitled to participate at the rest of the conference

POST FORUM PROGRAMME: 5th April 2019 - 90€ / per person

Name of the person participating with you at the Post Forum Programme:


Name of the person participating at the Partner Programme:

Technical Visit – 2nd April 2019

 I will attend in the morning I will attend in the afternoon I will not attend

Interpreting will be available during the General Assembly and Plenary Sessions depending on the demand. Select your preferred language:

 English Spanish French German Korean

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